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  • Joy – What Christmas is All About

    Merry Christmas!

  • Joy – In Suffering

    It’s something we struggle with—this whole concept of suffering. We have an ingrained worldview that suggests suffering is only “fair” if it’s deserved. When we know our desire is to serve God and we are still clobbered by life, we wrestle with “why me” and “this isn’t fair” thoughts. These are the time when I [ read more ]

  • Joy – Bigger than our whole world

    As I’ve been mulling over the idea of how big God is and the miracle it is that He became flesh, I’ve also been thinking about how often God does things in ways that are both unexpected and incomprehensible. I’m wondering how often I don’t see God’s hand because what’s happening doesn’t make sense to me. I’m [ read more ]

  • Unlimited Joy

    As my daughter opened birthday gifts several months ago, a sheet of paper fluttered on the edge of my sight. All I registered was that there were at least twelve steps and for a fleeting moment, I questioned my sister’s sanity. What was she thinking? Why would she give Emma a gift that would be [ read more ]

  • Joy – In the Moment

    I’m a wife, mother, and writer. I’m a daughter, sister, and friend. I’m a reader, knitter, and scrapbooker. I’m a cook, maid, and seamstress. I’m an engineer, manager, and bookkeeper. With all that stuff going on, you’d think I’d be fulfilled. Nope. Not even close. More often than not, I feel anxious. Desperate. Inadequate. My [ read more ]