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Available June 6, 2017 from Love Inspired Suspense

Hidden Legacy

Hidden Legacy


Arriving home with the baby she’s adopting, Caroline Harrison finds her house vandalized…and an intruder intent on shooting her.

She’s saved when police sirens approach, but all signs point to the little boy as the true target—and the assailant won’t give up. Now she has to rely on Detective Jason Drake, the man who once broke her heart, to figure out why someone’s after her soon-to-be adoptive son.

Reunited after thirteen years apart, Jason can’t help but hope their love might be rekindled, but Caroline and her son’s safety come first. Because if he wants a chance at a future—and a family—with them, they have to outrun a hit man.

ISBN: 978-0373457137

Page Count: 224

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    Praise for
    Lynn H. Blackburn
  • Kept me on the edge of my seat...Amazon ReviewerMary Goodwin
  • ...a powerful debut for the author. There is an abundance of action as the characters go searching for love and justice. RT ReviewsLeslie McKee
  • Watch out readers. Lynn Huggins Blackburn is a new voice on the scene of Christian Fiction and has a bright future as a successful author.AuthorLynette Eason
  • Great debut novel. Looking forward to more from this author. Amazon ReviewerColleen Scott
  • ...story is revealed by slow degrees and that kept me riveted trying to put the pieces of her puzzle together. Brilliantly done.Amazon ReviewerKav
  • Intense action, intriguing suspense, great character development, sweet and gentle second chance love story, an adorable baby - this story has it all, and does it well!Review BlogBooks And Spoons
  • An exciting journey of being reunited with first love ...Amazon ReviewerGlenda Parker
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It kept me turning the pages all day!!! It was well worth the late night!!!!Amazon ReviewerMamaj1949
  • Delicious tension -- both romantic and suspense -- amped up my reading frenzy and I devoured Hidden Legacy in an afternoon.Amazon ReviewerKay

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