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  • Coming In Last

    Coming in last. I hate it. Really hate it. Maybe you do, too? Have you ever thought about why you hate it? I have and I’ve boiled it down to a simple statement. I’m afraid. Ick. It’s safer to say that we hate to come in last. It doesn’t sound quite as pitiful as admitting [ read more ]

  • Run to Him

    Hello! Hellooo! Anyone still here?! Please forgive my lengthy blog absence. Re-writing half of my book turned into a very lengthy process and there just haven’t been enough hours in the day. But the revisions were accepted and the book is headed out to a copy editor in the next week or so. For the [ read more ]

  • Time to Start Over

    My son loves playing games on my phone. He has one that he’s been playing for a while now. He’s completed so many levels that he has begged me not to let his little brother play, for fear that he’ll mess things up.  So I was surprised yesterday when he asked me to download the [ read more ]

  • Dear Jesus…Amen

    I love hearing my kids find their voice as they learn to talk to God. Emma goes for loud and proud. “Dear Jesus,” she’ll begin, then we usually get a nice pause. This is followed by her thanking Him for something about her day, or the food, or something really random like swings or a [ read more ]

  • A Different Kind of Margin

    I have not been in a “bloggy” mood lately, which is weird for me. I love this blog. I love opening up my laptop and watching my scrambled thoughts morph into something that makes sense. At least to me. Most of the time, I have three or four blog posts ready to go, but for the [ read more ]