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Hey y’all!

My name is Lynn H. Blackburn. I write romantic suspense because my childhood fantasy was to become a spy, but spies have to be brave and I’m terrified of dark basements, cockroaches, and running out of peanut butter M&Ms while on deadline. You can learn more about me and my books here on my site. To stay up-to-date be sure you sign up for my newsletter and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BookBub, and Pinterest. My new Defend and Protect series kicked off in March with Unknown Threat. Here’s what it’s about: 

US Secret Service Special Agent Luke Powell knows it’s not a coincidence when three friends and fellow agents die in unusual circumstances within weeks of each other. As more agents are targeted, the stakes become higher than ever. FBI Special Agent Faith Malone is placed in charge of the investigation and must work with Luke to bring the killer to justice before any more names are added to the Secret Service Wall of Honor.  

Faith and Luke will have some help with this investigation. They’ll be calling on Luke’s fellow Secret Service agents and a few other friends and family members will play crucial roles because I love writing novels where the hero and heroine are backed up by an ensemble cast. 


In television and movies, an ensemble cast is one where the main characters are all assigned roughly the same amount of screen time and importance to the story. I’m a huge fan of ensemble casts and while I didn’t set out to do it, I soon realized that I write my novels with an ensemble cast of characters.

Of course, the hero and heroine get most of the attention (as they should!) but I’m intentional about bringing the heroes and heroines from all the books in the series to the page early and often so readers get to know them as well. My characters wind up becoming a found family, bound not by blood but by mutual respect and genuine affection. This give me wonderful opportunities for both humor and drama, as well as delighting readers when their favorite heroes and heroines from previous novels return to the page.

This does make it challenging to write each novel in a series so they stand alone and can be read out of order (although, I’ll be honest, the thought of that makes me twitchy!) but it’s worth the extra effort. In Unknown Threat, I’ve introduced an entirely new cast of characters to my readers and brought a few from previous novels in for cameo appearances. I’d love for you to meet them! 

Here’s the Stop #9 Basics:

If you’re interested, you can order Unknown Threat at your local bookstore or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD or you can listen on Audible! You can find links for ebooks and indie bookstores here!

Clue to Write Down: filled

Link to Stop #10, the Next Stop on the Loop: Roseanna White’s site! 

But wait!

Before you go, I’m offering three books to three entrants—any one of my Dive Team Investigations or Defend and Protect Series. All you have to do is sign up to get my newsletter (top right of my home page) or note that you’re already a subscriber. Additional points for those who follow me on BookBub, Instagram, or who join my private Facebook group, The Deep Divers! (USA only) 



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  2. Pam Freeman says:

    Thanks Lynn I already have your books, but thanks for taking the time to do this hunt. God Bless and Happy Easter.

  3. Ferne Knauss says:

    Thank you to you and your publisher for making ” Unknown Threat” (Defend and Protect #1)available to LibraryThing. I won a copy of the book as an Early Reviewer from the December 2020 batch of offerings.
    Part of my review:
    I was engrossed and riveted by the case. Above all, although fiction it provides an fascinating glimpse into inter-agency cooperation but more importantly is a poignant reminder of the men and women who “Defend and Protect” different levels of leadership of our democracy. This isn’t a statement about politics as there are no politics in this book. It’s a statement that this novel humanizes the special group of men and women that choose to put their lives on the line every day to “Defend and Protect.” I found it compelling reading.

  4. Alicia Haney says:

    Your book sounds and looks very intriguing, thank you for sharing about it. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

  5. Betty w says:

    I love your books. They grab me & I can’t put it down. I lose sleep reading them. Then I want more

  6. Lisa Lindh says:

    I am a HUGE fan of all of Lynn’s books – and can STRONGLY recommend you read Unknown Threat and get to know all the characters. Lynn always gives plenty of plot twists, characters you really wish you could meet in person and honest faith struggles that I have had also. In the end – the girl gets the guy, the bad guy loses, and God’s love reigns supreme. However, it’s a winding road of fast paced, action filled, hard to put down reading that you won’t want to end. After you read this one – go back and pick up her Dive Team series. Remarkable new friends, stories, and excitement! She also is really good with/ the first kiss!

  7. Lisa Hudson says:


    Your books are FANTASTIC!! Unknown Threat should be one of the Top Books of 2021!!

  8. Debbie says:

    I love it when characters from different series meet up! I have been reading your books for years and am still really enjoying all your stories. I went back to read the Dive series to get back up to speed with your newest.

  9. Diana Rendon says:

    Looking forward to reading your books. Love the way this hunt introduces authors that I have not read Yet.

  10. Tish says:


  11. Bethany Howard says:

    I enjoy reading suspense and look forward to reading your book.
    I followed you on BookBub, Instagram, and Goodreads, and signed up for your newsletter.