May. 11th, 2011 Blue Ridge from Home – Focus on Nonfiction Wednesday


At Blue Ridge, everyone is settling in. The newbies are learning their way around campus. The veterans have reconnected with old friends and made new ones. Everything is in full swing. They’ll be challenged this morning with a devotion and some time in worship.

So before we dive in, let’s take a few moments to worship.

Put on your favorite worship CD, flip on the radio, crank up your iPod or . . . if you want to get in the full Blue Ridge spirit, check out Janet Roller’s site. Janet Roller lead worship last year and is leading it again this year. She’s got an amazing voice and a very sweet spirit. There are three songs on this link you could listen to as you . . .

Focus on Nonfiction.

Here’s a list of of faculty members who teach/critique/represent nonfiction as well as those who focus on public speaking. As in yesterday’s post, I’ve tried to provide links to all the websites associated with each person. If there’s a link associated with both the name and the description, those are two different links – click on both! If you click on a link and it takes you to the Blue Ridge website, then you’ll need to click on the 2011 faculty page and scroll down to their info because they included A LOT of links!

There are many nonfiction options that are very accessible, even to the brand new writer without experience or platform. (Remember, tomorrow we’re talking about submitting and nonfiction may be just the place for that…)

Michelle Adams – Freelance Writer
Shelly Ballestero – Editor/Author/Professional Speaker
Linda Canup – Editor, In Touch
Michelle CoxWriter
Eva Marie Everson – Writer
David Fessenden – Editor/Writer
Andrea Gutierrez – Editor, Thriving Family
Eddie Jones – Publisher
Terri Kalfas – Bible Studies, Hensley Publishing
Susan King – Editor, The Upper Room
Dr. Samuel Lowry and Timothy Lowry – Publishers, Ambassador International
Edie Melson – Assistant Director/Writer
Karen MooreEditor/Agent
Vonda SkeltonWriter/Public Speaker
Rick Steele – Editor, AMG Publishers
Cecil Stokes – Film Maker/Director
Craig von Buseck – Editor/Writer, Ministry Director for
James Watkins – Writer/Editor
Terry Whalin – Publisher
Carla and Josiah Williams – Publishing/ Marketing

As we did yesterday, let’s leave some comments. Find anything that caught your attention? Share it with the group.


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  1. Kenneth says:

    Spent a lot of yesterday checking out the links. Thanks, Lynn! Lots of interesting info. Also spent some time reading about blogs. Have had one for several years, but I think mine lacks purpose, a clear focus. Edie had some good posts on that. Does anyone else know of good blog creation resources? Content, that is. Can handle the mechanics. Need advice on content, purpose, focus, audience, etc. How to find what I want to blog about.
    No comedies, but saw a movie, The Ghost Writer. Protag didn't do much writing, but I heard one interesting line. He was accused of not being a "real" writer since he was ghosting. And had to watch NCIS of course! 🙂
    Probably look at the non-fiction sources today. That may be where I need to focus. Choir practice tonight.
    Thanks for the common journey!

  2. admin says:

    Where is everyone? Did you have a day like mine? I wound up on perpetual hold as I waited for the A/C guys to tell me that I need a new A/C. Fun times!
    So, I didn't make it far on my own list, but one site I did spend a few minutes on is James Watkins. He was at Blue Ridge last year and he's hilarious. His site also has some great info and lots of encouragment. And, if you don't visit Edie Melson's site on a regular basis, you should. 🙂
    I'm calling it a night. Hope you all are having a great week!

  3. Leigh says:

    Another busy day of work and kid things, with some extra pressure thrown in since I'm taking a vacation day on Thursday. Field trip time with my third grader. 🙂

    I've mapped out the content for a 'how to' writing article I want to submit to Starsongs magazine. The mag is primarily written by kids, but it has one article by an adult each month that teaches something about writing. I love talking to kids about writing and think it would be fun to be in Starsongs since I write for kids. Now to actually get it written and sent to the editor … but that'll have to wait until tomorrow night.

    And I think I discovered the cure for being so glum about missing Blue Ridge — I registered for another conference. 🙂 Have any of y'all been to the Philadelphia Conference? I was blessed to go on scholarship last year and am thankful I can pay my own way this time. God is good!

  4. Thanks for the links. I've been trying to work all day on a nonfiction essay for submission. We'll see if I can crank it out now.

  5. Hi, Wednesday I started out with some Chris Tomlin and checking out links you provided. (Thanks for making it easy on us!)
    I'm encouraged at Michelle Adams and her success in writing for children and also adults. I like writing MG and YA fiction, but like writing non-fiction for those groups plus adult women. It seems so much of what I read and hear tells me I should focus on just one, but my core message is the same and seeing Michelle with a mixed audience platform encourages me.

    Sorry about the AC. Those are never fun things.