May. 17th, 2010 Blue Ridge Sunday

So. I’m here.

I met some lovely people in line during registration – several of whom I had already met online. It’s been fun to put faces to names. And I continue to be humbled and amazed at God’s goodness. He has placed people in my life that have helped me prepare for this week and I am so thankful!

I found my room with no trouble and even managed to find a parking space that tilts ever so slightly down and has a curb – I do not trust Brian’s parking brake so this gave me extra peace of mind that I wouldn’t be the one known as “that girl whose car went down the mountain in the middle of the night.”

Of course, in true “newbie” style, I managed to get lost.


Picture it. Me. Tote bag over my shoulder. Wandering the halls of a building looking for an exit, and then eventually just turning around and going back out the door I came in and wandering in what I hoped was the right direction.

I did eventually find the building I was looking for – totally by accident.

Since then, it’s been pretty busy. I’ve had a class, dinner, and got to hear Jerry B. Jenkins – who it turns out is very funny. I didn’t expect to laugh so much.

So, that was Sunday. Now to get ready for Monday.

Ah. Monday. When the fun really begins. Tomorrow I have my critique and my first appointment with an agent.

I’m going to lie down.


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