Nov. 9th, 2022 Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas comes early

with this amazing giveaway from Christian romantic suspense authors Mary Alford, Lynn H. Blackburn, Patricia Bradley, Lynette Eason, Elizabeth Goddard, Melissa Koslin, Nancy Mehl, and Natalie Walters.

The prizes include:

  • A copy of Among the Innocent and an ornament from Mary Alford.
  • A copy of Malicious Intent and Targeted from Lynn H. Blackburn.
  • A copy of Deception from Patricia Bradley.
  • A copy of Crossfire from Lynette Eason.
  • A copy of Critical Alliance from Elizabeth Goddard.
  • A copy of Dangerous Beauty and Never Miss plus bookmarks for each from Melissa Koslin.
  • A copy of Dead End and a matching journal from Nancy Mehl.
  • A copy of Lights Out and Fatal Code from Natalie Walters.

To enter, simply click here to go to the Rafflecopter site!

 Grace and peace,


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  1. Pat Johnson says:

    Looks wonderful!

  2. Lisa Harness says:

    Wow! This would be fantastic!

  3. Katherine Whitney says:

    That’s awesome!!!

  4. Debbie Puckett says:

    Reading is my super power!

  5. Laura Meyer says:

    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  6. Wanda Jones says:

    This looks like a great selection of books.

  7. Debbie Williams says:

    Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway!!