Feb. 3rd, 2019 Facebook Romantic Suspense Release Party

An invitation to join us on on Facebook, Thursday, February 7th, from 7PM – 9PM (Eastern).

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If you have questions you’d like for any of us to answer, feel free to leave them in the comments.


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  1. Myra Marcum says:

    Two questions if possible. First, I know this is a loaded question, but how long does it usually take to write a 300 page novel? I just cannot imagine! Secondlly, do reviews help the author?

    • Lynn H. Blackburn says:

      Hi Myra – Sorry for the delayed response. I was traveling and I’m WAY behind. 🙂 As for your questions. The time depends on the author. Some authors are much faster than I am, others are slower. In my case, somewhere between 4-6 months after I’ve done the research and planning. I’m not an outliner, but I do research the professions of my characters and things like that before I begin. I have written a book in three months, but that wasn’t a fun three months for me or anyone in my family! LOL! And as for the reviews, 1000x yes! Well, the good ones help. LOL! Actually, even the negative reviews are helpful in their own way. If an author has nothing but 5-star reviews, people tend to assume that those were only from their close friends and they don’t believe them. A few 1-stars lend a certain credibility. LOL! Another reason is because Amazon has certain algorithms that determine where your book shows up when someone does a search for your genre, or even your title, and the more reviews, the higher up your book will be on those lists. 🙂 So yes, even if the review is just a couple of sentences saying that you enjoyed a book, it’s a big help!