Mar. 21st, 2022 Meet Me Monday – This or That Edition

Malicious Intent has been out in the world for three weeks and I’m so thankful for the new readers who are just now meeting the Defend and Protect team.

But since there are so many new friends visiting, I thought it would be a good time for a Meet Me Monday – the “this or that” edition.

I’d love to see your answers to these questions in the comments!

Introvert or Extrovert

***I’m an introvert. As much as I enjoy hanging out with friends, throwing parties, and teaching classes, when the fun ends, I *need* to be alone to regroup. 

Books or Movies

***Books. I enjoy movies, but y’all…the book is ALWAYS better. 🙂 

Beach or Mountains

***Beach. But only by the tiniest of margins. I do love the mountains and the Blue Ridge mountains will always be the home of my heart. I was born there and I’m so thankful I live close enough to see them regularly. And one of my favorite trips ever was hiking and exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with my husband. And our recent trip to Montana and Wyoming with the boys was pure joy! But…sometimes my soul needs the wind and the waves in a wayI have no words to explain. My absolute favorite place to read is on the beach.


Night Owl or Early Bird

***Night owl. I can get up early, and I have to do that most of the time. But my natural rhythm is to stay up late. 

Dog or Cat

***Dog. Sorry cat lovers, but I’m #teamdog. Our petite mini goldendoodle, Bowman, pretty much rules the roost around here.

Mac or PC

***Mac. I bought a Mac with my very first advance when I sold my first book. And I have never looked back. When I have to use a PC it makes me twitchy. LOL!

Romance or Horror

***Romance. I read just about anything EXCEPT horror. NO. NO. NO. And I want romance in everything! #kissingbooksforthewin

Coffee or Tea

***Coffee. I start the day with coffee (with cream, no sugar). And I adore coffee! But I also love tea. I like it hot, I love it sweet, and I’ve recently figured out how to make a home version of the Starbucks iced green tea and that is what I drink in the afternoons. 

So…how about you?

And, by the way, if you’re new here? WELCOME! I’m thrilled to meet you!

Grace and peace,


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  1. Vickie Watts says:

    I’m an introverted early bird who prefers books over movies, romance, cats and tea.

  2. Cyndi Newlan says:

    An introvert who’ll take books over TV/movies every time. I love going to a variety of places, so no favorites there and same for drinks, though water is what I drink mostly.I was always an early bird, even when I was a kid. Dogs and PC. Like you Lynn, no no no to horror!

    • Lynn H. Blackburn says:

      I should drink more water…I know this. But I’d much rather have coffee, tea, or a Coke! LOL!

  3. Marie Burke says:

    I really love your books. You really catch the essence of the characters you write about. They feel soo real to me. The suspense is just enough to keep me on my feet. And your right everything can be told through a story. And the greatest story teller is Jesus himself, you reveal I think His unconditional love so well.
    Well to do like wise my name is Marie Burke. I am an extrovert who gets her energy from being around people, not all the time.
    Lol, I love the Renta dohlg concept, patting and generally having a good time and then hand back to the owner.
    I live in Nrw Zealand so it’s not far to go to the mountains or the beach I get the best of both worlds tho I do prefer forests and lakes.
    Romance over horror anytime.
    I’d love to see the blue ridge mountains. Been over seas but not to the states; maybe one day soon.
    Keep up the good work Lyn you books are amazing