Jun. 3rd, 2015 I Write For Harlequin

Those of you looking for Covert Justice in your
local Wal-mart may be wondering where to find it.
Look for the big
“HARLEQUIN” banner at the top of the book aisle.
Then look for books with the label “Love Inspired Suspense”
across the top of the book.
Covert Justice should be there.
Wait…did you get stuck on something?
It’s not a typo.
I write for
Now be honest. What are you thinking?
Are you thinking I’ve crossed over into erotica?
Are you wondering if you really know me?
Are you praying for me to come to my senses and return to
the narrow way?
If you automatically
equate Harlequin with “bodice-rippers” you’re not alone, but you are way off
In order to explain, let me cover a few things that most
people outside of the industry don’t know about Christian publishing.
most cases Christian publishing is a business, not a ministry.
For many Christian authors, writing is absolutely a
ministry. A calling. An act of worship. An act of obedience to the will of God
for their lives.

Publication, however, is business. Publishers have
employees, shareholders, and creditors, all of whom expect to get paid. In the
economy in which we live and with the ever-changing face of publishing this
leads us to my next point.
Christian publishers are owned by secular publishing houses.
upon a time, there were quite a few Christian publishing houses, but many of
them have been bought by larger secular publishers. That doesn’t mean they’ve
suddenly stopped producing Christian books. Because again, publishing is a
business, and anyone who knows anything about business knows that the best way
to stay in business is to give the customers what they want.
brings me to point #3.
knows their customers better than just about anyone.
Yes, Harlequin does sell books that might give your grandma
a heart attack.
But they also sell some of the sweetest, cleanest, most
wholesome romances you can find anywhere.
The Love Inspired
guidelines guarantee that the romance you read will be edifying, enriching, and
You can let your Granny read it (mine really enjoyed Covert
!) and you can also let your teenage daughter read it.  There’s no inappropriate behavior. There’s no
foul language. The romance leans heavily toward an emotional attachment, rather
than a sensual attraction.
(That’s not to say there’s no attraction! Characters will
hold hands, hug, even…dare I say it…Kiss! (gasp!) It is a romance novel, folks.)
There are three “Love
Inspired” lines.
Love Inspired books are contemporary stories.
Love Inspired Historical books are, obviously, historical
Love Inspired Suspense books are contemporary stories where
the hero and heroine are in danger and will spend most of the book trying to
stay alive. I’m biased, of course, but these are my favorite!
So don’t let the
Harlequin banner scare you off.
Use it to help you find some great reads
that will encourage you in your faith …. And maybe make for a great
conversation starter when you read them on a plane or at the beach or in the
doctor’s office.
There’s another Goodreads Giveaway this week. You could win a free, autographed copy of Covert Justice! Check it out!

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Covert Justice

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  1. I love your post and the way it breaks things down and explains what writing for Harlequin is all about. Harlequin really goes above and beyond for it's authors and it's an amazing publisher to write for. Congratulations on your release this month! I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Tammy. I agree. I'm thrilled to be a Harlequin author. I hope I can say that for a LONG time! 🙂
    For those of you who don't know, Tammy is one of my sister Killer Voices. Her book, Royal Rescue, is AWESOME! Look for it on Amazon!